Snow Angel or Snow Flake?


Hey Chicago, pull out that smart phone and snap a picture of your favorite “Snow Angels” on a clear sidewalk. Or, call out the “Snow Flakes” by sending pictures of their walks of shame. Email submissions to Tell us where and who you are and we’ll send you a Big Shovels magnet.

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Alpine Scene on the Sidewalk

Thanks to Paul for this submission from 11 days after last year’s blizzard. Though Public Storage’s sign is pictured it’s their neighbor, an ice company that is the Snow Flake here. Perhaps they just wanted to show off their wares on the sidewalk by sculpting this alpine scene?
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Shoveling as Exercise

Step off the elliptical trainer. Save yourself the trip to the gym. Instead, simply pick up your snow shovel and head out to the sidewalk.

According to the Surgeon General’s Report on Physical Activity and Health (1996) 15 minutes of snow shoveling counts as moderate physical activity, half of the moderate physical activity that’s recommended for most days.

A 170-pound person will burn about 250 calories shoveling for 30 minutes.

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