Snow has been shoveled form Chicago history. In all the classic images of our City’s past you never see the snow that blankets us every Winter.¬†But Chicagoans know the truth, snow is as much a part of Chicago life as sun on Lake Michigan and hot dogs dragged through the garden.

And as long as Chicago has been the City that works its been the City that Shovels. Storms that would paralyze Kansas City, cripple New York or mess with any city in Texas we brush off our shoulders.

Why? Because we are a city of Big Shovels. Every slacker that leaves their walk uncleared does a disservice to our proud history. And everyone who clears the way for their neighbor continues in a great legacy of civic pride.

 Statue of the Republic stands watch over the Chicago Worlds Fair with her Big Shovel

Speaker at the Haymarket Riot/Massacre shakes his Big Shovel at the police.

Al Capone with his BIg Shovel coming out of court.

For an intriguing history of snow shoveling visit the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

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